I sold a Pic!


So the portfolio show was last weekend. There was a great turn out. It was a really awesome feeling seeing my art big, framed and out there for all to see. I must say I got a little emotional…well for just a minute. {sniff}

Well since then, I have been trying to adjust to life without school. It is kind of funny that I feel like I am trying to catch up on all my “normal” crazy life routine stuff. So much that it feels like is has been much longer than one week since it all finished. {sniff}

Anyways, one thing about all this is that I had some friends go to Art Station in Stone Mountain tonight, because they couldn’t make the big show last week. They told me they really enjoyed the art, but they also told me that I sold a piece of art. Que? What? I had no idea. My first official sell. Crazy! Somebody likes my stuff enough to buy it. Can’t believe it.

While I try to wrap my head around it I keep wondering what type of person would want to buy my piece. It is pretty cool. I’m not going to lie. Anyways. I could tell you about the pic, but I think you should just go and see for yourself. ( I will post which one later) The photo will be at Art Station till Oct 29th. I highly suggest you go take a trip to the station and visit. You won’t be disappointed!


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