CreativeLive…WHAT! it’s FREE!-Alpharetta photographer


This week my hubbie is out of town. I will have some “free” time this week to do some self educating. Luckily there are two, not just one, but two different seminars, both by Tamara Lackey which I hope to catch. WHAT you don’t know what creativeLIVE is?

Well let me tell you a little bit about it. It is only an AWESOME way for photographers to learn more about the photo business, shooting and everything in between. They hold seminars, FREE, on certain weekends, featuring various creative minds. The best part is they share their wisdom with the rest of us…OH and did I mention, IT”S FREE.

Watching these seminars has really made me re-evaluate the way I look at my business and photography as a whole. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! Well that may sound a bit dramatic. However, it has really encouraged me, given me inspiration, hope, and a fresh way of looking at my work. So I guess, it has CHANGED MY LIFE. HaHa!

So for any fellow video/photographers I would highly recommend checking them out. If you miss a seminar, you can always buy it later. It is well worth the money. Hope they will inspire you as much as I have been inspired.

Now back to your regular programing!

I sold a Pic!


So the portfolio show was last weekend. There was a great turn out. It was a really awesome feeling seeing my art big, framed and out there for all to see. I must say I got a little emotional…well for just a minute. {sniff}

Well since then, I have been trying to adjust to life without school. It is kind of funny that I feel like I am trying to catch up on all my “normal” crazy life routine stuff. So much that it feels like is has been much longer than one week since it all finished. {sniff}

Anyways, one thing about all this is that I had some friends go to Art Station in Stone Mountain tonight, because they couldn’t make the big show last week. They told me they really enjoyed the art, but they also told me that I sold a piece of art. Que? What? I had no idea. My first official sell. Crazy! Somebody likes my stuff enough to buy it. Can’t believe it.

While I try to wrap my head around it I keep wondering what type of person would want to buy my piece. It is pretty cool. I’m not going to lie. Anyways. I could tell you about the pic, but I think you should just go and see for yourself. ( I will post which one later) The photo will be at Art Station till Oct 29th. I highly suggest you go take a trip to the station and visit. You won’t be disappointed!


VICA! 1st Place!

OK. I know this is a delayed post, but better late than never right. A few weeks back at school, we had the VICA contest aka Skills USA. This is a yearly contest that is held at Gwinnett Technical College (for photography students). It is first at our school, then you go compete against another GA college, then if you win, that you go to Nationals.
Well anyways I am pleased to announce that I placed first in the first leg of the competition. Yeah!
Needless to say I was very surprised. Well I am glad that I placed and am eager to go to state and see what happens.
Here is my image below…can you guess the theme we had to shoot for?

Congrats Phoenix Atl!!!!!!!!!

On Feb 3rd, 2011 Phoenix was put out there for all the world to see on David Magazine of Atlanta. She is a wonderful Drag queen in the Atlanta area and is on the current season of RuPaul’s Drag race show.
Here is the link to see her beautiful face.


Although I am very happy for her, I must admit I am a bit happy myself. The picture on the cover is MINE. It is my first published piece/s. Phoenix and I did a wonderful photo shoot back in the beginning of December and it was awesome. Poor Phoenix was freezing because of the weather that was about 30 something degrees. She rocked it though and I think you would agree. The photos turned out great!!! I have included some that were not in the magazine just so you can see more of the awesome pics and great location.

Congrats again to Phoenix. You are amazing and can’t wait to shoot with you again.

Phoenix – Fashion Shoot

Yesterday I went to shoot my Fashion shot for my portrait class at Gwinnett Tech. Phoenix of Atlanta was my lovely model. We had the idea of beauty in a decaying place. Phoenix rocked it and was beautiful. My friend/classmate Jeremy was an awesome assistant and a big help.
I think the image turned out great. Can’t wait to shoot with Phoenix again.

How to Urban Explore!

Here is a video that I posted to my YouTube Channel. I had to make a “How To” video in my Multimedia class at Gwinnett Tech last quarter. I thought it would be fun to do it on one of the things I LOVE which is to go Urban Exploring. It is definitely campy, but hopefully it will at least make you smile.




Gift Ideas for Your Fav Photographer! Glak Love

With the Holidays fast approaching I know many of us are starting to think about what we can get for our loved ones. Well for the photographer in your life you may want to think about Glak Love. This is a local Atlanta artist who takes old film negatives and creates jewelry out of it. I guess I like this because it is a spin on my recycle, reuse thing that I am so fond of. Anyways it looks really neat and I love that it is tied to photography. Take a peak here at the Etsy page.

Trashy? Absolutely!!!!!

As you all may be figuring out I am slightly obsessed with trash. Not in a gross sort of way, but a way to try to re-use and recycle different items that, us as a culture, often just put in the landfill. I found this article in Top Design Magazine about two artists, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, who make sculptures out of trash and then make shadow images out of it. I find this truly amazing and innovative. I love artists who really think out of the box and I feel that they do this. Check out more the article and more images here.

Liz aka OWEN!

On Saturday Night I was invited to come up to the Jungle by my friend, Liz. She is a drag king, mainly performing in Atlanta, name Owen. That night she was performing with other kings and queens at a farwell fundraiser for another drag queen, Alexandria Martin.

Well Liz invited me backstage so I could actually meet Phoenix, the subject of my photo story project. While I was waiting for Phoenix I decided to snap a few pics of Owen. She was performing Lady GaGa that night. Doesn’t she look great!

Trash for Dinner?

A photo by Chris Jordan

As I was sitting here, I was trying to think about looking up some photographers. So I just started putting in various words in Google. Organic, Recycle, then Trash Photographers. Yeah odd words to pick, but oh well. I then found Chris Jordan referenced on a different blog. In one of his galleries he has one dedicated to

“photographs of albatross chicks from September, 2009, on Midway Atoll, a tiny stretch of sand and coral near the middle of the North Pacific. The nesting babies are fed bellies-full of plastic by their parents, who soar out over the vast polluted ocean collecting what looks to them like food to bring back to their young. On this diet of human trash, every year tens of thousands of albatross chicks die on Midway from starvation, toxicity, and choking. (Chris Jordan).”

These pictures really bring the trash epidemic to a front. What do you think about it?

Wedding In Cali!

This past weekend I made a impromptu trip to sunny southern Cali. OK, well I had a least two weeks notice. My friend Jen, of almost 20 years, decided to marry her love Scott on his leave from the US Army. It was a gorgeous wedding with a gorgeous couple.
I told Jen that I was going to photograph their wedding. It was the least I could do. After all what are friends for? Well anyways I am giving you just a sneak peak for now, but hope to post some more soon.
I hit the ground running as soon as I got off the plane yesterday and have not had a full chance to go through them all. I hope to soon. I am sure Jen is anxious to see them as well.


Did you know that White House has a photo stream????

Today like most days I went to log into my Yahoo account. On the front page I notice some pictures. After digging a bit further, I found out that the White House has its own photo stream on Flicker. The story line was about one of the White House photographers, Pete Souza, and 10 of his favorite pictures that has been taken since Obama has taken office.
Since I was curious, I clicked on the link and found some of the pictures that they spoke of. It seems that the White House has many events that they do not invite the public press to partake in. They have their own photographers and release the images that they want. I think that this is pretty cleaver. It can help maintain a certain image which could be helpful, especially if your the president. Right!
Maybe one day when I become famous I will do the same thing…One can dream!

My 7th Anniversary!

Today is my 7th wedding anniversary with my husband, Rob. It is hard to believe that it has already been 7 years of marriage. In those years we have gone through many trials and tribulations, and also many wonderful, priceless times. It has been a ride that has made us stronger as individuals and a couple. I am very appreciative of all that we have shared. In a moment of reflection I figured I would post a few images from my wedding. Just a few of course. I don’t want to bore you…

Phillippe Halsman: Photographer

Last week when I went to the High Museum in Atlanta I was exposed to photographer Philippe Halsman.  He was a friend of Salvador Dali and they collaborated on many projects. Some of the photos that they collaborated on were in the exhibit and were very intriguing.
One image that I thought was really awesome was the one below. Dali also did a painted version of this image that was shown at the High.
Check Halsman out if you have a chance. He has some very interested images.


My Wolverine!

This past weekend Memphis, my son, and I went on a hunt for a Halloween costume. At first he wanted to be Yoshi from the Super Mario Bros. After we went to numerous stores with no such luck Memphis decided to be Wolverine. We drove around to other stores and did not find it. Finally, I decided to stop at Toys R Us. Eureka! We found his size tucked way in the back.
He was very happy with his choice and wore it the next day at his “Fall Festival” for school. I think he is the cutest Wolverine ever.