Congrats Phoenix Atl!!!!!!!!!

On Feb 3rd, 2011 Phoenix was put out there for all the world to see on David Magazine of Atlanta. She is a wonderful Drag queen in the Atlanta area and is on the current season of RuPaul’s Drag race show.
Here is the link to see her beautiful face.


Although I am very happy for her, I must admit I am a bit happy myself. The picture on the cover is MINE. It is my first published piece/s. Phoenix and I did a wonderful photo shoot back in the beginning of December and it was awesome. Poor Phoenix was freezing because of the weather that was about 30 something degrees. She rocked it though and I think you would agree. The photos turned out great!!! I have included some that were not in the magazine just so you can see more of the awesome pics and great location.

Congrats again to Phoenix. You are amazing and can’t wait to shoot with you again.